CNC Router Tools

Choosing the correct tool for the job can completely transform your project. Our CNC router tools can improve the efficiency and time taken to produce a quality cut, as well as improving the accuracy, reducing wastage. This means your costs can be reduced, so it’s important to get it right. Choosing the right router tool heavily depends upon the job you are doing and the material you are using. Using a tool designed for wood on aluminium can be bad news and damage your tool, not to mention your material. Make sure when you buy a tool, that it has been designed for the job you are doing. Whether that is cutting, engraving or trimming, we at Cutter Shop supply a range of high-quality CNC router tools for any project.

Effective & Powerful Reliable Tools

In a high-speed, fully automated manufacturing environment, it is essential to use powerful reliable tools. It's imperative for CNC machines and hold router cutters to operate correctly, effectively and in the safest way. We offer a wide range of industrial tools here at Cutter Shop to suit your production needs.

Our tools are designed to improve your cutting efficiency, helping to reduce waste. Create a better quality product, whether you are cutting, gravitating or trimming. We offer CNC router bits and  CNC cutter tools for wood, plastic, aluminium and other materials so make sure you view our range below and remember to only use a tool with the right material or you may damage the tool and the material.

For more information on choosing the right tooling for you click here.

CNC router tools for wood

Our router tools can process hardwood, softwood, laminated wood, chipboard, hard plywood, soft plywood and MDF. All of our router tools are designed by experts to work safely and efficiently with wood. We recommend using our 1200, 1300 or 1300XP series of cutters for this material. Take a look at our range, which has been specifically designed for a wide range of different woodworking projects, so you’re sure to find the one you need.


CNC router tools UK for plastic

We sell router tools for hard plastic, soft plastic and acrylic, so when you’re looking to upgrade or replace your systems, talk to our expert team and view our fantastic range tools for plastic. If you’re creating a new workshop, talk to our team about setting yourself up with the right equipment from the start. Making an investment into the proper tools for your project can save you money and allow you to be more efficient.


CNC router tools UK for aluminium

Whether you are using an aluminium piece or an aluminium composite piece of material in your work, we can help with our helpful range of insert tools. Get in touch with our team today and get your workshop set up with the right equipment.


CNC router tools UK for other materials

We can also supply router tools for composites, solid surfaces, steel doors and foam. If there is another material you would like to use in your projects, get in touch with us today to discuss this and we’ll see what we can do to help you.


Custom CNC Router Tools UK

If you can't find the right CNC router bit within our catalogue, we can produce Custom CNC Router Tooling. Click here to find out more.