CNC Router Bits

Having the right bits is essential for any job, which is why we have so many CNC router bits that have specialist functions. It is essential to use powerful reliable tooling in a high-speed, fully automated manufacturing environment. It's imperative for CNC machines and hold router cutters to operate correctly, effectively and in the safest way. Here at Cutter Shop, we offer a wide variety of industrial bits and tooling, to suit for the majority of your production needs. Our bits are designed to improve the efficiency of your cuts to help reduce wastage and produce a better-quality product each time, whether you are cutting, engraving or trimming. We offer CNC router tools for wood, plastic, aluminium and other materials so make sure you view our range below and remember to only use a tool with the right material or you may damage the tool and the material.

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 Wood bits for CNC Routers

Our CNC bits for wood have been designed to work with particular materials, such as hardwood, softwood, chipboard, plywood and MDF. This means that your tool will be perfect for that type of wooden material. Have a look at our UK range and order your new wood router tool.


CNC routing bits for plastic

Whether you’re setting up a new workshop or you’re updating your existing systems, we can help you to get the right CNC bits for routing plastic. We sell bits for hard plastic, soft plastic and acrylic to make your end product as good as it possibly can be. If you have any questions about our bits, get in touch with our friendly team, who will be happy to help you.


CNC bits for routing aluminium

Whether you are using an aluminium piece or an aluminium composite piece of material in your work, we can help with our helpful range of insert bits. Get in touch with our team today and get your workshop set up with the right equipment.


Bits for CNC Routing other materials

We offer more than just router bits for wood, plastic and aluminium. We also sell bits for composites, solid surfaces, steel doors and foam. They have all been specially created to work with those materials to produce the best quality results. If you require a tool for a different material or purpose, get in touch to see how we can help.


Custom CNC Router bits

If you can't find the right CNC router cutter tool within our catalogue, we can produce Custom CNC Router Tooling. Click here to find out more.